Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior

people painting with Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior

Regal Select Interior is the flagship of the Benjamin Moore brand. What is it about Regal Select that makes it so popular with both DIYers and professionals? To start with, it’s just a nice paint to work with. It is a zero-VOC paint, which means it has very little odor. And also because it has zero VOCs, it is environmentally friendly. It is a paint and primer in one. And it uses the Gennex Color Technology, so it’s durable and stays beautiful for years without fading.

A Great Painting Experience

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior in an open can

Regal Select Interior is a thick paint that brushes or rolls on smoothly and evenly. This smooth consistency means it levels nicely, for an even finish with no brush marks. Also, because it is so thick and smooth, it rolls on with very little spatter.

Zero VOCs

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior on a bright yellow kitchen

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are the solvents what make that strong paint smell, that some people simply can’t tolerate. It used to be that painting a room required that it be left empty for a day or two while the smell dissipated. And you could forget about painting in the winter, when you couldn’t open the windows. All that has changed with Regal Select zero-VOC paint. Now, you can paint a room in the morning, and have a party that night. And all your guests will notice is your beautiful walls. It also makes Regal Select environmentally friendly, protecting our water and air quality.

A Paint and Primer in One

Benjamin Moore Regal Select can brush and roller

Regal Select Interior delivers a thick coat of paint, with outstanding adhesion, and high hide. Because of that, you can get the job done with fewer coats than other national brands. It dries quickly, so it can be recoated sooner. So you can finish sooner and get back to your life.

The Benjamin Moore Gennex Color Technology

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Gennex Color Technology

In old color systems, as colorant was added to a paint to get darker, or richer colors, the paint was weakened. In many cases, the darker colors would rub off on your hands, even when the paint was fully cured. This made the darkest, richest colors impossible to recreate. But the colorants created by Benjamin Moore for the Gennex Color Technology are unique in that they contain a small amount of resin. So when they are added to a paint, they don’t weaken it. They actually make it stronger. This not only makes it possible to make those dark, rich colors, but makes the paint more durable. So Benjamin Moore‘s Regal Select is not only beautiful, but can stand up to scrubbing. And you can find it at Quality Hardware

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