Makita 5007F at Quality Hardware

Why is the Makita 5007F circular saw so popular among professionals?

Because it is a well built, tough, power tool. It is rugged, powerful, and ergonomically designed to make cut after cut without wearing you out. And it is available at a great price. Having a tool on the job site that is durable, accurate, and simple to use is a game changer for the professional. That is why they are so popular, and that is why Quality Hardware has them.

Power at Your Fingertips

Internal parts of the Makita 5007F motor

The all ball-bearing construction of the 15 amp motor produces an impressive 5,800 RPMs. And the aluminum wrap-around base makes for a light-weight tool with a high power-to-weight ratio. So you can make cuts all day without the hand and arm fatigue you get from steel-base tools. It also has a centrifugal fan and baffle system to cool the motor. So you can keep cutting longer without worrying about overheating.

Easy to Adjust and Manipulate

construction worker using the Makita 5007F circular saw

The Makita 5007F is lightweight, making it the go-to tool for overhead work. The bevel and depth gauges have large, easy-to-read markings for ease of use. And the blade can be easily changed due to the flat motor housing and the attached blade wrench. With a convenient shaft-lock, the Makita 5007F is one of the most versatile circular saws in it’s class.

Versatile and Accurate

The Makita 5007F has a low guard which improves it’s performance when making sharp bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. It is also equipped with two LED lights and a dust blower, so you can see exactly where you are cutting. And it has a large cutting capacity up to 2-3/8” at 90 degrees.

A Powerful, Versatile Tool at a Great Price

The features, performance, and value that the Makita 5007F delivers makes it the clear choice for framers, builders, carpenters, masons, and general contractors. And that is why you can find it at Quality Hardware.

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