Quality Hardware now has Festool

An Integrated Power Tool System

I haven’t seen anything else liked the Festool line of power tools. It’s not just a line of power tools. It is a painstakingly designed and engineered power tool system. Every tool is integrated into the system, and the entire system is designed to be both efficient and versatile without sacrificing quality or power.

German Engineering At It’s Best

Each tool in itself is engineered to solve all the little limitations we have come to accept from regular power tools. Take the CARVEX PS 420 EBQ-Plus jigsaw for example. How often have you had to tape a piece of wood before cutting it with a jigsaw to avail splintering. But the Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus comes with zero-clearance splinter guards that virtually eliminate splintering. Or how about having to guess about where the blade was going to go, either because you couldn’t see it at certain angles, or because the blade could drift one way or the other. Well not with this jigsaw. It has a three-point blade guide, so the blade stays were it is supposed to be. And it has a stroboscopic LED light so you can still see the blade when the dust flies. Or you can attach a dust extractor, and there will be no dust. It’s incredible. And that is just a couple of features this thing has. Every one of these tools is conceived with that level of attention and insight.

Dust Extraction To Save Time and Money

Not every tool creates a lot of dust, but for the ones that do, Festool has solved the problem. Every dust-creating tool integrates with the Festool dust extractors. I use the word ‘integrates’ because it is like they become one tool. With BlueTooth connectivity, the dust extractor activates with the tool without the need of an extra cord. And the HEPA filter makes it possible to work in your living room without any cleanup necessary. We all know time is money when you are on the job. How much time have you spent sealing up a work area, and them cleaning up after. With the Festool system you can forget about that. You can come in, do the job, pack up, and get paid.

One of my favorite features of the Festool system is the “Systainers” that come with the tools. They are incredibly strong plastic cases, and they stack and lock in place. So your tool cases become your tool box. They stack on the dust extractors, or on wheeled units, for easy transports.

An Investment That Pays

These tools aren’t cheep, in any sense of the word, but with the time and effort you save, and the incredible warranty and two-day turn-around on repairs, they are worth every bit of the investment.

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