PPG Paint’s Breakthrough

PPG Paint’s Breakthrough is an extremely hard and versatile interior/exterior paint. It is ideal for woodwork, moldings, doors, door jams, windows and window sills. Breakthrough adheres to the most difficult surfaces and has excellent early block resistance. That means that it won’t stick to itself. So you can paint a door or window and close it even before the paint is fully cured, without it sticking.

Breakthrough is Tough Enough for Counter Tops

spraying cabinets with PPG Breakthrough

With a waterborne acrylic resin, Breakthrough drys quickly to a hard-as-nails finish. It is even tough enough to be used on counter tops without chipping or pealing. This hardness gives it the washability that makes it ideal for kitchen cabinets and shelving. In fact, Breakthrough is so hard it is also recommended for concrete floors.

PPG Paint’s Breakthrough Sticks to Just About Anything

woman painting cabinets with PPG Breakthrough

Breakthrough is specifically formulated to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, including fiber glass, tile, and laminate. Even most plastics can be painted with Breakthrough without fear of it scraping off later. Because it has such great adhesion, in most applications it doesn’t need a primer.

Fast Drying and Remains Flexible

painting cabinets doors with breakthrough

PPG Paint’s Breakthrough is dry to the touch in as little as 15 minutes and is ready to recoat in two hours. So you can get the job done faster. And even though it is very hard, Breakthrough remains flexible. So it can be used on textiles and flexible plastics like vinyl without cracking or burnishing.

PPG’s Most Versatile Paint

Combining the qualities of extreme hardness, early block resistance, superior adhesion, fast drying, and flexibility, it is easy to see why so many people consider PPG’s Breakthrough it’s most versatile paint. It can solve many of your day-to-day paint problems and deliver beautiful, lasting finish and color. And you can find it at Quality Hardware. Start with Quality!

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