Pure Performance from PPG Paints

Zero VOC

couple painting their living room with Pure Performance from PPG paints

Pure Performance from PPG Paints is a zero VOC latex base paint. VOCs are volatile organic compounds; the chemical compounds that gave older paint formulations that distinctive ‘paint’ smell. Without all the VOCs, you can paint areas that can’t be vacated, such as nursing homes, hospitals, government facilities and retail spaces, without that strong paint smell. Not only that, but zero-VOC paints are friendlier to the environment.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

painting on cabinets with Pure performance from PPG paints

A special anti-microbial ingredient in Pure Performance inhibits the growth of mildew and mold. This makes it perfect for painting kitchens and baths. You can reduce the need for cleaning mold or mildew in the corners of high-humidity areas. And Pure Performance gives beautiful color and finish.

Paint and Primer in One

Painting a bedroom with Pure performance from PPG paints

With excellent hiding properties, Pure Performance is designed to meet the performance specifications of institutional and commercial applications, as well as residential uses. Eliminate the step of priming, and in many cases, get one coverage in a look that you will love.

Get One-Step Beauty and Mold and Mildew Protection with Pure Performance from PPG Paints

With Pure Performance, you can get the look you want and prevent the growth of mold and mildew often in one coat. And you can get it without that paint smell or having to vacate the space for a day while the paint dries. Get beauty, ease, protection and convenience in one can with Pure Performance at Quality Hardware.

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