Seal Grip Primer from PPG Paints

Quality Hardware carries three different Seal Grip Primers from PPG Paints for a variety of applications. Why not come in and ask the knowledgeable staff at Quality Hardware which one is right for your next project?

Seal Grip can cut

Seal Grip Gripper Universal Primer/Sealer

PPG Paints formulated this premium interior/exterior primer with a mildew resistant acrylic resin to meet the performance requirement of both residential and commercial use. It blocks difficult stains including water, smoke, ink, markers and tannin. Gripper’s adhesion is so strong you can even use it on glossy surfaces. Why does PPG Paints call this fast-drying primer universal? Because you can use it on several surfaces including properly prepared interior or exterior wood, plaster, wallboard, masonry, brick, aluminum, cement, stucco, cement composition board, and wall coverings.

Seal Grip Interior/Exterior Universal Alkyd Primer/Sealer

PPG’s best interior/exterior alkyd primer is formulated to be suitable for all exterior surfaces. It is a low-odor primer with excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials. This primer is formulated to meet or surpass the performance requirements of both residential commercial markets. And it has the stain-blocking power to hide common stains like nicotine, water, smoke, markers, ink, and wood tannin.

Seal Grip Interior Primer/Finish

Seal Grip and brush

Seal Grip Interior Primer/Finish is an exceptional fast-drying, multi-capable interior primer/finish. This versatile primer is perfect as a base coat on bare wood, drywall, and plaster. Use it as a stain-blocker over most household stains. You can also use it as a wall-covering primer to protect the drywall and provide a sealed, even surface. And, on primed wood, or previously coated surfaces, you can use it as a top-coat with a beautiful finish.

A Primer For Every Application

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, PPG Paints has a Seal Grip Primer your next project. And Quality Hardware has PPG Paints.

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