Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X

Cafeteria protected with Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X

A ground-breaking scuff resistant coating, Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X, is designed for high traffic institutional and industrial applications. But it is so easy to apply it can be used in the home. The new scuff resistant technology of this paint makes it exceptionally washable. And it won’t need as much washing, because it resists scuffing in the first place. Plus, it contains anti-microbial ingredients that also make it resistant to mold and mildew growth. So it will remain looking like new longer, and will clean up more quickly. And it touch-ups are virtually invisible.

Perfect For High Traffic, 24/7 Areas

Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X paint compared to the competition

Because it is a fast-drying paint with a re-coat time of two to three hours, Scuff-X is perfect for those areas that can not see much down-time. Areas like hospital waiting rooms and corridors, hotel lobbies, building elevator areas, corporate offices and schools are perfect places to use Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X. It outperforms many two-part epoxy coatings, without the mixing, short pot-life, application and clean-up difficulties associated with those products.

Environmentally Responsible

Locker room area perfect for Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X

Scuff-X is a low-VOC paint, so it emits fewer volatile organic compounds as it dries, which is good for the environment. It also means that it can be applied in occupied areas without the overpowering paint smell that some people can’t tolerate. It is certified by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools and qualifies for LEED v4 credit.

Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X Is The Answer For High Traffic Areas

Industrial area Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X

Maintenance professionals will love the results they will get from Scuff-X. They will be able to paint with an easy application without vacating the area. And touch-ups will be invisible. It will keep walls cleaner longer, with fewer, less noticeable scuffs, and reduced mold and mildew. And when their walls do need cleaning, they will be able to clean them much more easily. And you can get it at Quality Hardware.

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