Leader Maple Sugaring Equipment

leader maple equipment winter forest

There is a special kind of pleasure that comes with being out in the woods in the winter. The hush, the crunch of the snow, the steam of your breath. Some of us seek it on snowmobiles, some on skis, or snowshoes. But there is a breed that forges out into the cold north woods to harvest sap. Like modern Druids, they weave a kind of tree-magic the result of which sweetens the lives of their friends, families, and community. They are the sugarmakers. For some it is a business. For some it is a hobby. But for all it is a wholesome, healthy exercise in stewardship of the land. And whether it is your first time tapping a tree, or you have been producing maple syrup and maple sugar for years, Quality Hardware has the Leader maple sugaring equipment you need.

For the Hobbyist

Leader maple equipment tapping a tree

Maybe you only have a few Maples on your property and have always thought about tapping them, just for fun. Quality Hardware can provide you with a step by step guide to making your first maple syrup. And we have everything you need to tap, collect, filter, and boil down the sap. There is nothing like the taste of pancakes with maple syrup that you took from the tree to the table.

For the Business Person

Leader maple sugaring equipment tapping with tubing

Purchasing regularly from the Leader Maple Sugaring Equipment regional dealer, Quality Hardware can provide what a large producer needs. We keep rolls of 3/16” and 5/16” tubing and hundreds of taps, connectors, and check valves on hand. We also carry tapping bits, tubing cutters, hydrometers, and many other necessary items. Come in and take a look.

The right Leader Maple Sugaring Equipment for you

Regardless of the volume of maple products you produce, Quality Hardware can help you get exactly what you need. With the high quality of the Leader name and the unsurpassed customer service of Quality Hardware, it will be a sweet spring for everyone.

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