PPG Paint’s Speedhide Interior

PPG Paint's Speedhide Interior can cut

Looking for an inexpensive interior paint, but don’t want to settle for some cheap, watery paint that is going to take tons of coats to cover, have a finish that will be damaged in the first cleaning, or color that will fade in a year or two? Then PPG Paint’s Speedhide should be your go-to paint. It’s a low-VOC, fast-drying paint with excellent hiding qualities that can stand up to cleaning, and will retain it’s beautiful color.

Formulated for the Professional

taping PPG Paint's Speedhide

Although it has become popular with home owners, Speedhide was designed specifically with the professional in mind. It’s high hiding properties make it possible to cover most applications in only two coats. And because it dries to recoat in four hours, you can get the second coat up on the same day. That saves you time. And as we all know, time is money. And it is inexpensive when compared to other paint brands of the same quality. So you can pass on the savings to your customer (or not).

Low VOCs

Couple painting with PPG Paint's Speedhide

Because it is a Low-VOC paint, PPG Paint’s Speedhide can be applied without having to vacate the room. That makes it a perfect paint for round-the-clock institutions, like hospitals, factories, and utility plants.

Washable Beauty

Messy Roller PPG Paint's Speedhide

Many cheap brands of paint are not durable enough to be washed without damaging the finish. But Speedhide can handle being washed without leaving tell-tale burnish marks behind. And because it is tinted with the same lasting pigments that the other PPG Paint brands use, the color won’t fade. You can count on the beauty of the finish and color to last for years.

PPG Paint’s Speedhide Interior: A Quality Paint At An Excellent Price

With PPG Paint’s Speedhide, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. You can get the hiding power, low VOCS, beautiful finish, and color you want and keep some money in your pocket. That is the value of PPG Paints, and you can find them at Quality Hardware.

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