Selkirk VP Pellet Pipe

Selkirk VP pellet pipe

There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are heating your house in an environmentally responsible way, and you are saving money doing it. That is the peace of mind that comes with wood pellet heat. All over the world, people are turning to the environmental heating solution that is ancient and modern. People have been burning wood since the dawn of civilization, and now wood pellet technology makes it easy and clean. When you are thinking about installing a wood pellet stove or furnace, Quality Hardware can help you with the Selkirk VP Pellet Pipe vent system.

Safety First

Selkirk VP pellet pipe adjustable elbow

The double wall design of the Selkirk VP pellet pipe ensures a 1/4” insulating gap between the inner and outer wall. This design allows for a minimal clearance of 1” to all combustibles. So your vent pipe can take up less space in your home. The inner wall is made from 300 series stainless steel, virtually eliminating corrosion. The outer wall is made of Galvalume. Inner and outer walls are laser-welded to ensure a smooth seam. And the gasketed Lock-Tab joints eliminate the chance of ash leaks.

Complete Versatility

Selkirk VP pellet pipe kit

Available in 3” and 4”, the system includes a wide variety of lengths, elbows, tees, double tees, caps and other accessories for any type of installation. To make installation simpler, many standard installations are available in kits. Whatever your particular installation challenge may be, Selkirk has a solution for it.


stove with the Selkirk VP pellet pipe system

The galvalume outer wall is attractive. But it is also paintable, so you can help it blend into your décor, or make your Selkirk VP pellet pipe an accent feature. It also can be ordered pre-painted.

Safety, Versatility, and Beauty in the Selkirk VP Pellet Pipe Vent System

Wood pellet heating is an environmentally responsible solution to your heating needs. And the Selkirk VP pellet pipe system makes it easy to install a new pellet stove or furnace. And just imagine the peace of mine you will get from the safety features of this system, along with the knowledge you are saving money while saving the world.

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