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Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies a bee on a sunflower

The pandemic has put a halt to a lot of the things we enjoy, like dining out, the cinema, theater, and concerts. But, on the bright side, more than ever, people are learning to enjoy their own homes and yards. Along with gardening and landscaping, another enjoyable and productive back-yard activity is beekeeping. And with Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies to help you along, it is simpler than you think

Why Beekeeping?

Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies two people tending their hives

There are several good reasons to keep bees. But the number one reason to become a beekeeper should be your fascination with bees and bee hives. If you don’t love bees, maybe beekeeping isn’t for you. But it is hard to not be fascinated with these fuzzy little creatures all working together, scouring the countryside for nectar and pollen, making honey, wax and beebread, and raising their young. Another good reason is the honey. One hive can produce up to 100 pounds of honey each year. And maybe the most important reason is for the environment. Approximately 90% of all plants rely on animals to pollinate. And honey bees are the most efficient pollinators. It is estimated that one third of all food in the world relies directly on honey bees.

Is Beekeeping Hard?

Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies a panel of a Langstroth hive.

You can expect to spend ten to thirty hours a year inspecting and maintaining each hive. But the majority of time a hobbyist beekeeper spends on their hobby is in research and networking. There are many threats to your hive that may arise, such as predators, diseases, and parasites. And a wise beekeeper is always reading or meeting with other beekeepers to stay on top of those threats.

Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies and Quality Hardware Have Your Back

Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies a bee on a flower

With books like “Backyard Beekeeper” and “Beekeeping for Dummies” and Little Giant beekeeping supplies, Quality Hardware can provide the knowledge, and products you need to be a successful beekeeper. Think of the hours you can spend with these fascinating creatures, while you personally contribute to and support your local biodiversity. Not to mention the thousands of delicious honey recipes for you to experiment with.

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