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Whether you have been canning since you were a kid, or are just getting interested, Quality Hardware has the canning supplies you will need. So, enjoy canning now, and enjoy the food you can months from now.

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Canning Supplies from Ball

Canning Supplies Ball Jars

Almost synonymous with canning, the Ball company has been around for one-hundred and forty years. So, with that kind of experience, you know they design their jars and other canning supplies to make canning a successful, enjoyable activity. Ball jars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. And that makes it easy to find the perfect Ball jar for the canning project you are contemplating.

Pur Canning Supplies

Pur guarantees it’s mason jars are BPA and lead free. So you can rest assured that your preserves will be fresh-tasting and free from any harmful chemical contamination. Also, Pur designs it’s jars, lids, and rings to be interchangeable with other leading canning companies. So, if you have a collection of canning supplies, but would like to switch over to a BPA free brand, you can do so at your own pace.

Kilner Jars

Invented at the turn of the twentieth century, the Kilner “Original” jar set the standard for it’s pressure seal and iconic design. Now, with several jars to choose from, you can bring this classic look and practical design to your preserved fruits and vegetables.

Mrs. Wages Canning, Pickling, and Mixes

A selection of canning supplies would not be complete without Mrs. Wages canning ingredients, pickling ingredients, and mixes. And with recipes that go back to the 1950’s, Mrs. Wages gives first-time canners and picklers results like the old pros get. From fruit pectin, to pickling salt, to salsa mix, Mrs. Wages has what you need to get the delicious preserves and sauces you want. And you can find it at Quality Hardware.

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