Lighting Fixtures for Home and Security

Kitchen with Westinghouse lighting fixtures

Every aspect of your home or business presents your style to a visitor. And no aspect has more power to effect your mood than lighting. From the cozy feel of a reading nook to the vibrant energy of a busy workspace, the right lighting will enhance the experience of a room’s various functions. Quality Hardware has the right lighting solutions to bring out your style and make your home or workplace the place you want to be.

Interior Lighting

Satco Starfish smart lighting

Most of life takes place in the rooms of your home. For all the varied moments, from first steps to retirement parties, the right lighting will enrich your experience. A combination of beautiful Westinghouse Lighting fixtures and Satco Starfish smart bulbs, with a layered approach, will give your home lighting versatility never available before. Imagine being able to orchestrate the lighting of your home for every moment with a touch of your phone.

workplace lighting fixtures

Lighting in a workplace has to both utilitarian and comfortable. A poorly lighted workspace with the wrong fixtures can cause eyestrain, reducing both productivity and employee safety. Quality hardware has both permanent and portable fixtures from Feit Electric, Metalux, and Power Smith to keep your people safe and productive.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Security Lighting

Whether it is for nighttime activities, or security, Quality Hardware has your exterior lighting covered. With switch, motion activated, or dusk-to-dawn fixtures from Woods, Heath Zenith, Designer’s Edge, and Mr. Beams, our staff will help you find the lighting solution for your needs.

Lighting Fixture Components

Quality Hardware has interior lighting components from Jandorf and Leviton And with exterior parts from Sigma and Red Dot, you will find what you need to repair or build the lamps and fixtures you need.

Whatever your lighting needs are, the friendly staff at Quality Hardware have the resources and knowledge to help you find a solution that fits your style

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