DeWalt FlexVolt Delivers

Dewalt Flexvolt Delivers maximum power run-time and versitility

The DeWalt 120/60/20 FlexVolt system puts maximum power, maximum run-time, and maximum versatility in your hands. The FlexVolt Batteries deliver up to 120 volts of power where you need it when you need it. With up to 15 amp hours, FlexVolt Battery technology extends the run time of your tools up to 8 times that of other 20 volt batteries. And with the ablility to recognize the voltage requirement of the tool, the FlexVolt Battery Technology gives you the versatility to choose from the complete line of DeWalt 20 volt, 60 volt, and 120 volt cordless tools. No other battery does all that. And you can find them now at Quality Hardware.

FlexVolt Delivers Maximum Power

You work hard. And you need power tools that work as hard as you do. The FlexVolt Battery system provides up to 120 volts to power the tools to get the job done. For the tough jobs like ripping down lumber, drilling through rock, or breaking up concrete, DeWalt’s FlexVolt tools have a surprising amount of power in a cordless tool.

FlexVolt Delivers Maximum Run-time

DeWalt FlexVolt Delivers maximum Run-time

The FlexVolt system has batteries with the highest Amp Hours in the industry. With batteries rated at 15 Amp Hours, your tools will keep working long after the competitor’s batteries die. That means you need fewer batteries, and fewer breaks in the work to switch out dead batteries.

FlexVolt Delivers Maximum Versatility

DeWalt FlexVolt Delivers Maximum Versitility

Because the 60 FlexVolt batteries automatically adjust to the voltage of your tool, they can be used in any of the FlexVolt and 20 Volt DeWalt tools. You don’t need to search for the right battery. Every FlexVolt battery will work in any FlexVolt and 20 Volt DeWalt tool. Again, this means you can keep your whole shop powered with fewer batteries. Fewer batteries means fewer chargers, and a cleaner, neater, more powerful, more versatile shop.

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