DeWalt Worksite Heaters with Quiet Burner Technology

DeWalt worksite heaters are rugged, and they deliver heat where you need it. With the winter months approaching, don’t let the cold slow down your worksite. DeWalt has the versatile heaters to keep your team working comfortably all winter long. And they are available at Quality Hardware! Start with Quality, Quality Hardware!

DeWalt Worksite Heater DXH135KTHC

Dewalt Worksite Heater DXH135KTHC

This is a versatile new addition to the line of DeWalt worksite heaters. This new heater combines the fast heating and comfort of a forced-air heater with the silent efficiency of Quiet Burner Technology. It produces 135,000 BTUs per hour on kerosene 1 or 2, diesel 1 or 2, home heating oil, or JP-8. Enjoy comfortable heat in a 3,000 square foot space for up to 9-1/2 hours on a full tank. And with a built-in thermostat, continuous ignition, and automatic over-heat shut-off, you can relax, knowing this heater is safe to use for the long haul.

DeWalt Worksite Heater DXH50KHC

DEWalt Worksite Heater DXH50KHC

Smaller than the DXH135KTHC, this heater has many of the same features. Putting out 50,000 BTUs per hour, it will keep a 1,200 square foot space comfortable for up to 11 hours. Designed with a rugged two-piece split barrel, this heater is easy to clean and maintain. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to carry. And the controls are recessed, making them less likely to be damaged at the worksite.

DeWalt Worksite Heater DXH70KTFRHC

DeWalt Worksite Heater DXH70

This is a radiant heater and is another with Quiet Burner Technology. It puts out 70,000 BTUs per hour, and will keep a 1,750 square foot space comfortable for hours. It runs on kerosene and is very low-odor.

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