Planning A Garden with Quality Hardware

Quality Hardware has everything you need for planning a garden and making this a bumper crop year. With high-quality seeds from Livingston, soils and plant food from Miracle-Gro, walk-in greenhouses from Landscapers Select, and more, including expert gardening advice from our highly trained staff, you can have a garden that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Planning a Garden with Livingston Seed

Planning a garden livingston seed

With over one hundred and seventy years of experience, Livingston Seed is the number one supplier of Non-GMO flower and vegetable seed to independent retailers world wide. That kind of experience means you can depend on Livingston Seed for Quality seed with a high germination rate that delivers beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables every time.

Miracle-Gro Helps You Plan a Garden Right

Planning a garden with Miracle-gro

Starting your garden with Miracle-Gro soils and plant food can help you achieve size, beauty, and nutritional value like you never had before. Start your seedlings in doors about six weeks before the last hard frost of Spring. That will help you get a longer growing season, giving you more time for weeding and tending, and for harvesting and preserving later in the season.

Landscapers Select Greenhouses

In two sizes, Landscapers Select greenhouses can help you get a jump on the growing season. They are perfect for seedlings in early Spring, giving them the benefit of natural sunlight while protecting them from the danger of an unexpected frost. Small enough to fit out-of-the-way on a porch or patio, but big enough for a variety of edibles and ornamentals, these greenhouses provide the home owner and DIYer the power to garden like a commercial nursery.

Plus a Lot More to Help You Plan a Garden

These are just a few of the product lines that Quality Hardware has to help you plan your garden right from the beginning, and help you every step of the way to harvest and canning. And the experienced, knowledgeable staff at Quality Hardware are ready to answer your questions. Start with Quality, Quality Hardware.

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