Tamko Shingles at Quality Hardware

Quality Hardware now stocks Tamko Shingles.

Tamko is America’s Shingle

Tamko shingles flag

What makes a Tamko Shingle America’s Shingle? Tamko is dedicated to the core values of integrity and honesty. With over seventy-five years of experience in the building materials industry, Tamko supports the men and women that make this country great by ensuring that at least 15% if it’s workforce are veterans or first responders. Tamko is also proud of it’s record of supporting the not-for-profit organizations that work with wounded veterans.

Tamko has been making Shingles since 1945

Tamko shingles history

Since producing it’s first shingle in 1945, Tamko has propelled the industry forward with quality building products. Since then, Tamko has grown into a truly national manufacturer, employing thousands of men and women across the country. By owning and operating many of it’s own raw material plants, Tamko ensures consistant quality and accurate color in every bundle.

Tamko Heritage Shingle Colors

Tamko shingles colors

Unique proprietary granular mixes and color-drop technology are the secrets to Tamko’s vibrant colors that emulate the richest colors found in the natural world. And the Shadow Tone Line differentiates Tamko Shingles from ordinary shingles.

Tamko shingles gray
Tamko shingles red
Tamko shingles dusk

The colors and styles of Tamko shingles available at Quality Hardware give you the opportunity to create a personal look and feel for your home. Let your home reflect your style and the values of integrity, honesty, and patriotism that you hold dear. Start with Quality, Quality Hardware!

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