Millennium Slate at Quality Hardware

Millennium Slate At Quality Hardware

For the look of real slate on your roof or siding, Quality hardware has Millennium Slate, with the incredibly fast Centennial System for insulation. It has never been easier or quicker to get the beauty and durability of a real slate roof.

The Centennial System

With the incredible Centennial System, you can have a new slate roof installed in one fifth to one tenth the time, and with half the weight load on your roof. Utilizing advanced hook and loop technology adapted from Velcro, The Centennial System has been tested in wind speeds of 160 miles per hour and temperatures from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wall Cladding Available from Millennium Slate

Millennium Slate is not just slate. Utilizing thin brick, tile, and reclaimed wood, an endless variety of design options are available. The thin brick gives you the look and feel of real brick, because it is real brick. It is just cut to 5/8 inch thick. Using the fire-brick side or the sawn side of the brick, you can mix and match them to create beautiful patterns. With the hook and loop installation, there is no need to align anything to studs. So the only limit to your design is your imagination.

Hands-on display at both Quality Hardware Locations

Stop in at either Saratoga Quality Hardware & Lumber or Burgoyne Quality Hardware & Lumber to see for yourself and feel with your own hands the strength of the Centennial System and the beauty of real slate and brick.

Locally Sourced Millennium Slate at Quality Hardware

If you buy Millennium Slate at Quality Hardware you are buying real slate quarried locally in Granville, NY. So you are not only getting a product that will add beauty and value to your home, but supporting your neighbors and the local economy.

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