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Whether you are painting a piece of furniture, a room, or your whole house, your choice of color is fundamental. With thousands of Benjamin Moore colors to choose from, the challenge to find the right colors can be daunting. But with a few key principles in mind, anyone can find the perfect colors for their project. And the trained staff at Quality Hardware can help.

Benjamin moore colors on the color wheel

Benjamin Moore colors on the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a tool that can help you find the right colors for your project. There are three basic groupings of color on the color wheel; Complimentary, Analogous, and Monochromatic.

Complimentary Benjamin Moore colors yellow couch with purple walls

Complimentary colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel. They include combinations like red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. Complimentary colors tend to add vibrant energy to a room. They might not be what you are looking for in a bedroom, but they would be just the thing for a play room

Analogous Benjamin Moore colors in a bedroom

Analogous colors are colors side-by-side on the color wheel. Blue, blue-green, and green, or red, magenta, and purple are examples of analogous colors. And they often have a calming feel to them. This type of combination would be perfect for a bedroom.

Monochromatic Benjamin Moore colors in a livingroom

A monochromatic color scheme would include varying tints or shades of the same color. A tint is created by adding white to a color. For instance, pink is a tint of red. A Shade is created when black is added. Navy blue is a shade of blue. Monochromatic color schemes are often described as harmonious or balanced. Perhaps a living room would benefit from monochromatic colors.

Lighting effects on Benjamin Moore Colors

sunny living room benjamin moore color

It is important to remember the effect of light on color when perusing the Benjamin Moore colors. As the sun rises and sets in the sky, the quality of light changes, changing the appearance of colors. In the early morning and late afternoon, natural light will be much more amber and golden, enhancing the warmer colors like reds, oranges and yellows. Whereas the cooler colors like blues and greens will be more vibrant around noon. Artificial lighting will have an effect specific to the light bulb and lamp shade used. The best way to avoid surprises with the way light changes the appearance of color is with the pint-sized sample cans of Benjamin Moore color. With these samples you can try the color in your home and see beforehand how the varying light will effect the color. Quality Hardware makes it easy by offering two free samples per customer on Fridays.


glossy dark molding

Although sheen is not part of color, it can effect the way we perceive color. For instance, dark colors tend to look darker in a high-gloss paint. Perhaps this is because the brightness of the shine contrasts with the dark color. Sheen also can be used to enhance or de-emphasize texture. The glossier a paint is, the more the texture of the surface will come out. Flat paint tends to make a surface look smoother.

Benjamin Moore Color Collections

Benjamin Moore has several color collections to choose from, depending on the approach you want to take. Here is a little about some of the more popular collections.

Color of the Year and Color Trends 2021 – Aegean Teal 2136-40 is the color of the year, and the Color Trends 2021 pallet include colors to nourish the spirit, These comforting, sun-baked hues celebrate the simple pleasures. These are colors that make your home feel even more like home.

The Historical Collection – 191 hues inspired by 18th and 19th century American Architecture.

The Affinity Collection – 144 colors expertly created to produce a harmonious flow from room to room.

The Williamsburg Paint Color Collection – 144 colors that fuse early American design history with contemporary trends.

The Delve into Deeps Collection – 23 rich, bold hues hand selected to mix and match perfectly.

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