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First established in 1976, Saratoga Quality Hardware, in Saratoga Springs, NY, and later Burgoyne Quality Hardware & Lumber, in Hudson Falls, NY, have been serving their respective communities for over forty years.

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Wiper Fluids are not All Alike.

Don’t just buy the cheapest. The wrong wiper fluid can damage your vehicle. The knowledgeable staff at Quality Hardware can help you find the right wiper fluid for your vehicle and the time of year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjq3orhCS7o

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Time to Buy Wood Pellets

If you own a pellet stove, you know now is the time to buy wood pellets. And we have a lot of wood pellets. Make a phone call, place and order, and we will deliver them right to your door. So start with Quality, Quality Hardware. https://youtu.be/ccm3qFauJjw Help Us Help You Better Review Saratoga Quality…

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The Right Clear Coat

There are a lot of products to protect and beautify a surface. The knowledgeable staff at Quality Hardware can help you find the right clear coat for your project.

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Choosing the Right Chlorine

https://youtu.be/c0HVA-KwP9A Deciding what kind of chlorine is right for you and your pool can seem complicated. There are four chemicals that are commonly called chlorine (the gas that kills microorganisms in pool water) that are available for pool care. And having a little information about each kind of chlorine will make choosing much easier. Sodium…

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