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First established in 1976, Saratoga Quality Hardware, in Saratoga Springs, NY, and later Burgoyne Quality Hardware & Lumber, in Hudson Falls, NY, have been serving their respective communities for over forty years.

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Choosing the Right Chlorine

https://youtu.be/c0HVA-KwP9A Deciding what kind of chlorine is right for you and your pool can seem complicated. There are four chemicals that are commonly called chlorine (the gas that kills microorganisms in pool water) that are available for pool care. And having a little information about each kind of chlorine will make choosing much easier. Sodium…

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Quality Hardware Offers Goodfellow Flooring

Get a beautiful new floor by Goodfellow Quality Hardware offers Goodfellow Flooring for your next renovation or construction. With over 120 years of experience in the business, Goodfellow flooring comes in a variety of styles and features. Available in Engineered Hardwood, Solid Hardwood, Laminate, and Stone-Polymer Composite, Goodfellow Flooring is not only beautiful, but durable….

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Happy 4th of July!

Quality Hardware would like to wish all our wonderful customers a happy 4th of July. Our Saratoga store will be closing at 3 pm and our Hudson Falls store will be closing at 1 pm so that we can celebrate the day with our families.

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Summer Sale at Quality Hardware

The Summer is here and everything you need to make the most of it is on sale now at Quality Hardware 3 Inch HTH Chlorine Tablets 8 lb bucket Get your pool water crystal clear with these easy-to-use chlorine tablets. Place them in your skimmer, an in-line chlorinator, or in a floating chlorinator, and your…

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Beat back the Spongy Moth Caterpillars!

https://youtu.be/CDbNXa0vgKk Are Spongy Moth caterpillars eating your trees. Quality Hardware can help you fight back! First, wrap your tree trunk with Tanglefoot Banding Material. Then, cover the banding material in Tanglefoot Insect Barrier. And if they are already in your tree, spray them with Thuricide, from Bonide!

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