Manor Hall Interior Paint from PPG

PPG Manor Hall Interior can cut

PPG”s Manor Hall interior paint is a zero-voc paint and primer in one. That’s why it is a low odor paint, that can be applied in the morning and enjoyed that afternoon. This quick turn-around saves time getting you back into your house faster, and getting the professional painter on to his or her next job. And it is environmentally friendly. The proprietary resin makes it easy to apply with brush or roller. Right out of the can you will feel the difference, as it goes on thick with no ‘drag’ or dripping.

Exceptional Durability, Leveling, and Hide

The viscosity of the 100% acrylic latex resin gives Manor Hall interior superior leveling. So there is no visible difference between a brushed cut-in and the rolled-on area of a wall. And touch-ups are virtually invisible. So All you see is the beautiful color and finish you have come to expect from PPG paints. And because the coating is thick, this paint covers exceptionally well. And the acrylic makes it hard and durable.

Washable and Scrubbable

Woman washing walls painted with PPG Manor Hall Interior

Manor Hall interior paint is burnish resistant and washable. It’s thick coat of acrylic latex resin stands up to Scrubbing. The acrylic in the resin makes it extremely hard, protecting the finish, color and the substrate. It can be washed repeatedly without damaging the sheen. And it will retain it’s beautiful look for years.

Manor Hall Interior; a Premium Paint at a Reasonable Price

Couple painting with PPG Manor Hall Interior

This paint delivers everything you expect from a premium paint. It flows on easily without dragging or dripping. Manor Hall Interior hides well, so it often makes extra coats unnecessary. It levels well, eliminating brush marks and making touch-ups invisible. And it provides a hard, washable finish, delivering all that at a reasonable price. What more could you ask from a paint?

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