Benjamin Moore’s Ben Interior Paint

Woman painting with Benjamin Moore's Ben Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Ben Interior paint delivers an easy, smooth painting experience for the home owner, beautiful color and finish, excellent hide, and fast recoat time, all at a price that is easy to take. Formulated specifically for the DIYer, Ben interior offers professional results. With an application experience that is practically foolproof, you can’t go wrong with this paint.

A Vinyl-Latex Base With Zero-VOCs

people painting with Benjamin Moore's Ben Interior Paint

The specially designed base of this paint makes for a painting experience that will change your mind about painting a room. The Vinyl-latex base of Ben interior paint flows on smoothly, with no drag. The extra body of the paint virtually eliminates drips or sagging. You will be proud to say that you did it yourself when you see the professional look of the finished room. And the Zero-VOCs means no overpowering odor. So you can enjoy the room the same day.

Excellent Hide and Touch-up Properties

Woman painting with Benjamin Moore's Ben interior paint

Being a paint and primer in one, Ben Interior has excellent hide. That makes it possible to finish most jobs in only two coats. And since the recoat time is four hours, you can get the whole job done in one day. And keep the left over paint, because touch-ups with this paint are virtually invisible.

Benjamin Moore’s Gennex Color Technology

A can of Benjamin Moore's Ben Interior Paint

And Ben Interior paint has the proprietary Benjamin Moore Gennex color technology. So you can count on the color staying vibrant and beautiful for years. And with no surfactants to weaken the resin, the Gennex colorants actually make the paint more durable, even in darker hues. So don’t be afraid to go with bold, vivid colors. Because Benjamin Moore’s Ben interior paint can stand up to washing, and will retain it’s color for years. Who could ask for a better paint? And it is all available at Quality Hardware!

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