25% Off Broil King Grills and Accessories

Stop at Quality Hardware for a great deal on Broil King Grills and Accessories. Because right now you can save 25% on these cutting-edge, high-quality outdoor cookers, and all the accessories you need to make your next barbecue a huge success. Get the restaurant-quality results you have been hoping for and save money at the same time.

Amazing Heat Retention

Broil King Grills and Accessories cross section

With stainless steel or cast aluminum heat boxes, these grills heat up fast. And the double wall retains the heat. You can feel the quality in their heft. There is nothing flimsy about them. They are sturdy and solid. And they hold the heat.

Exceptional Searing and Basting

Broil King Grills and Accessories Searing and basting

With options of thick cast iron or solid stainless steel grids, you can get the look and flavor you expect from a high-end steakhouse. The cast iron grid is two-sided. One side gives the professional looking sear marks. And the other side has grooves that capture juices and bastes the flavor back into the meat. But the thick, solid stainless steel grid delivers a great sear every time. Which will you choose?

Even Cooking with Flav-R-Wave Technology

Broil King Grills and Accessories Flav-R-Wave

The Flav-R-Wave bars catch the heat from the burners and distribute it evenly throughout the heat box. So no more hot and cold spots. And your food gets cooked to perfection every time. And the juices that fall from the meat vaporize when they hit the Flav-R-Wave bars, sending the flavor back up to the meat.

Patented Duel-Tube Burners

Broil King Grills and Accessories patented duel-tube burners

The tube-within-a-tube design of the burners helps to even out the gas flow. And the graduated hole size, with smaller holes were the pressure is highest, and larger holes farther down the burner, ensure your food is cooked evenly no matter were on the grid it is.

Precise Temperature Control

Broil King Grills And Accessories Infinite control settings

Forget Low, Medium, and High. Broil King Grills have an infinite number of settings. So you can get the prefect amount of heat. Want to slow-cook that pork? No problem. Or maybe get a quick sear for a deep-red steak? Crank up the heat. Or any setting between. Because Broil King knows you need versatility, and they deliver.

Broil King Grills and Accessories at a Great Price

You will be kicking yourself next spring if you let these great prices go by. Stop in now at Quality Hardware and see what’s cookin’!

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