Pro-Lab Home Test Kits: Safe with Science

Pro-Lab Home Test Kits are designed to give the home user accurate, reliable results in a simple-to-use kit. Get peace of mind for yourself and your family, knowing you are safe from several common household hazards. Backed by science, Pro-Lab gives you the power of a professional-grade laboratory and detailed analysis. And they are available at Quality Hardware.

Pro-Lab Home Test Kits for Mold

The kit for Mold uses dust sampling methods that are used by professional inspectors and industrial hygienists around the world. And according to the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, these methods have been proven the most reliable and accurate way to test your home. Use these four simple methods to collect samples and send them to the lab. Within seven business days of receipt, you will receive a detailed microscopic laboratory analysis of the samples.

Pro-Lab Home Test Kits for Radon

Pro-Lab Home Test Kit for Radon the silent killer

Found all over the US, Radon is a carcinogenic gas that kills as many as 22,000 people a year. Seeping into your home through cracks in the foundation, floor drains, and sumps, this odorless killer is undetectable without professional analysis. The Pro-Lab Kit for Radon uses patented liquid scintillation technology to provide results within one week.

Pro-Lab Home Test Kits for Lead

Pro-Lab Home Test Kit for Lead child

You may have thought lead poisoning was a thing of the past. But as the tragedy in Flint, Michigan has taught us, lead is still a serious hazard we have to be aware of to keep our families safe. Pipes, toys, paint, and even the soil our homes are built on can contain dangerous amounts of lead. The Pro-Lab Test Kit for Lead provides six instant tests to use around your home to alert you to any lead dangers, and provide your family with peace of mind backed by Pro-Lab’s proven technology.

Pro-Lab Home Test Kits for Water Quality

Contamination in our water can cause birth defects, cancer, blue-baby syndrome, and many other heath problems. But the test kit for Water Quality puts the power in your hands to test for the contaminants that cause these problems. With ten laboratory grade test strips, you can test your water accurately and reliably for over-chlorination, nitrates, nitrites, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, and more.

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