Feit Electric Grow Lights

There’s no need to wait for the warm Spring weather to start your garden. With Feit Electric Grow Lights, you can have fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year long. Turn that spare closet into a hot house, and you will be surprised at what blossoms! Check it out at Quality Hardware!

The Right Light For Your Plant’s Growing Phase

Plants need different wavelengths of light at different phases of their growing cycle. Seedlings need light in the blue and of the spectrum. Maturing plants need a balance of blue and red light. And flowering and fruiting plants need more red light wave lengths. Feit Electric Grow Lights have settings for every growing phase, so you don’t have to change bulbs.

Feit Electric Grow Lights are Modular!

All those extension cords and adapters are dangerous. With Feit Electric modular grow lights, you don’t need them anymore. You can extend your growing space as needed by attaching additional lights side by side or end to end. The possibilities are endless!

LEDs make Feit Electric Grow Lights Cool and Bright

Because they are LEDs, Feit Electric Grow Lights don’t put out excess heat, reducing the chance of leaf-burn. And they use a fraction of the energy incandescent bulbs use.

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