Scotts 4 Step Program

Get the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. The Scotts 4 Step Program is simple and easy to apply, and available now at Quality Hardware. And you can save big right now by taking advantage of the Scotts rebate offers.

Scotts Step 1

Start the season off by giving your lawn the nourishment it needs right from the start. Scotts Step 1 has the right balance of nutrients your lawn is thirsty for coming out of the Winter season. Each particle is a complete bend of ingredients, so your get an event distribution of nutrients. And it is guaranteed to not burn your lawn. It also contains Crabgrass preventer, which stops crabgrass, an annual weed, from germinating. So your lawn starts out the season lush, green, and free of weeds.

Scotts Step 2

Scotts 4 step program, step 2

In late Spring, put down Scotts Step 2 lawn food with weed control. It is best to put down Step 2 in the early morning, when the dew is still on the grass, or after a light rain. The weed-control particles stick to the broad leaves of the weeds in your lawn, killing them. And leaving your grass with the room to thicken and thrive.

Scotts Step 3

During the long, hot days of Summer, your lawn needs extra iron to retain moisture and the 2% iron in Scotts Step 3 provides it. When other lawns are turning yellow and brittle, your lawn will stay green and soft.

Scotts Step 4

To prepare your lawn for the long Winter dormancy period, broadcast Scotts Step 4 in the Fall. This will not only keep your lawn looking green and fresh until the snow flies. But it will also give your lawn a head start in the Spring, when the snow finally melts.

The Scotts 4 Step Program for Seeding

If you are seeding your lawn for the first time, or overseeding to fill in those thin spots, use Step 1 for Seeding. The Crabgrass preventer in the regular Step 1 will also prevent many varieties of grass from germinating.

Program Rebates!

Now through June 30th, there are great rebates on the Scotts 4 Step Program and the Scotts 4 Step Program for Seeding to help you save even more.

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