Quality Snow Shovels at Quality Hardware

Shoveling snow

You know the snow is coming, sooner or later. When it is time for a new snow shovel, Quality Hardware has such a variety that you are sure to find the perfect fit.

The Garant Mountain Mover

For an all-around quality snow shovel, you can’t do better than the Garant Mountain Mover. This versitile shovel combines the best features of a shovel and scraper; large enough to clear the snow and deep enough to lift large quantities of it. It has the capacity to adapt to the majority of your needs for an efficient and complete snow removal. With an 18 inch scoop, it’s not too big to be easily manuvered, but big enough to move lots of snow in one motion.

The Garant Snow Pusher

With this Garant snow pusher with a 36″ blade you can quickly clear away thin layers of snow from very large surfaces. Its polyethylene blade has a design that is light and not too deep, allowing snow to slide easily. This snow tool has an ergonomic steel handle that will allow the body to keep a natural position throughout each movement. This snow pusher is ideal for clearing away snow from outdoor ice rinks, large walkways, or other smooth-surfaced exterior spaces.

Rugg Pathmaster Ultra Snow Shovel

This Pathmaster Ultra snow shovel has a rugged ergonomic aluminum handle with a comfortable poly coating for a more comfortable and secure grip that won’t hurt your back. Rugg snow tools are 100% American Made with all of the components, such as the aluminum or steel handles, screws, labels and any packaging are sourced exclusively in the US. Assembled in the Rugg manufacturing facility in Massachusetts where the plastic components are injection molded from no-break copolymer polypropylene material, these shovels pass a 5 point inspection before packaging.

And many more Quality Snow Shovels at Quality Hardware

These are just a few of the variety of Quality snow shovels available at Quality Hardware. Also on our shelves you will find roof rakes, children’s snow shovels, automobile snow shovels, and much more.

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