Pepper, Quality Hardware Cat!

How Pepper Came to Quality Hardware

small, skinny, black cat on wet pavement.

One afternoon in December of 2021, a little black ragamuffin appeared on our lumber yard grounds. She was skin and bones and showing a mild case of ringworm on her left ear and left front paw.

small, skinny, black cat eats from a paper plate on pavement.

Carol, our purchaser, began feeding her, and asking around to find someone willing to take her in. As luck would have it, the store was in need of a Customer Relations Manager. After a short negotiation, Pepper agreed to take on the role in exchange for room and board, and medical coverage.

She spent January and February in the Lumber Yard office, getting healthy, getting her shots, and enjoying the staff’s affection. She went on duty in the store in March, 2022. Stop by and say hi next time you need something for your home or work.

Pepper wanted to get the lay of the land before her official duties begin. So we went on a tour of the store.

Pepper was scheduled to be spayed. But the good people at Glens Falls Animal Hospital called and said that when they shaved her belly for the operation, they found a scar. So she didn’t need it after all. Here she is in her new home.

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